Ending Campus Hunger


food packages have been given to students since April 2019.


students fed monthly


Jamaican Universities are served


GraceKennedy’s effort to support students in a multifaceted way at the tertiary level has always been a priority. The GraceKennedy Foundation has partnered with Grace Foods, other subsidiaries within the GK Group, and the University of Technology, Jamaica to provide a Food Bank for university students attending the University of the West Indies, Mona, the University of Technology, Jamaica and the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts.

Many students are hard-pressed to access healthy, nutritious meals as any financial assistance they receive is geared towards covering tuition, books, and other educational-related expenses.  Sadly, many students face hunger on a daily basis. This initiative addresses one of the critical issues affecting tertiary level students - food insecurity.

Our Partners


Cavar Fearon


In my first year, I began finding it challenging to gain basic needs such as food and my mom didn’t have it at the time to assist so I looked to the assistance of the GraceKennedy Foundation programme for that help. I remember one instance while I was on campus, some time in June and I didn’t have anything to eat, I had to drink tea for breakfast, for lunch and I was really struggling just to find food in order for me to study for my exams.

Harta-Lee Guthrie


It has been a blessing being able to receive items from the GK Food Bank. I have been able to help my family along with myself to actually have 3 meals everyday without hesitation. We don't have to pinch one tin of mackerel for like a week. It has helped a lot by taking off the financial strain and ensuring that we are eating nutritious meals.

Nastasia Daley


With this initiative, it is amazing. Students out there are thinking about every expense except for the food and they need the food. We’re just grateful for it. They not only need the internet and the tablets but also food.

Sasha-Kay Hinds


I basically grew up in downtown, barefoot and bare tings but I found art and I really wanted it to be my escape out of my community. I was a bit shy to ask for it but COVID came around and it made things harder than before. I couldn’t stay at school, I couldn’t group up with my friends anymore. I saw a text and I decided to ask if I was able to get any food. It was really helpful because during that time I found out my mom was really sick, and she could no longer work so the money that I would even get was gone. No more money was coming in and its COVID, I’m alone at home, I need food to eat so the Food Bank helped a lot.

Donoi Hartley


I believe that having access to quality, nutritious food is fundamental . Why should you donate to the food bank? This is actually a way you can help with the development of the country. If you provide food for one student or many students that’s actually helping those students to get through school and those students, essentially, are the future of this country. So, please donate!